Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In The Works....

I worked on this blanket today...I have a LOT of rows to go...

And I do mean A LOT. But methinks the colors look nice. :)

I have noticed that a lot of people think that this stitch is Navajo crochet, saying "oh we used to do a lot of this in the 1070s" - but it's not the same thing, from what I can tell. Navajo seems to involve doing rows of single crochet, cutting the yarn and finishing off at the end of every row, and adding a new row of yarn each row, instead of doing a turning chain and continuing with the next row.

That's not what I'm doing here. I'm doing 4 chain stitches, and on the 5th stitch I connect to the previous row with a single crochet. So my scarves and anything else I make with this stitch are mostly chain stitches, not sc.

So no, what I'm doing is not Navajo. It's Joseph's Coat, after Joseph's Coat of Many Colors.

EDIT May 20

This past weekend, I did more rows on this. Now it's this far along:

Still plugging. It is really getting some weight to it now, and is more blanket-like. I do have to admit that I wish I'd made the original chain longer, like about 350 stitches or more. Maybe the next one I do, I'll make it longer.

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