Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Yellow Chain Stitch Scarf

Here's a yellow chain stitch scarf I made some time ago, and never got around to posting the photo:

I've worn this on fairly warm days in Florida, and it's not too bad. It's made with Lion brand chunky yarn. I have two of these; one is just one long length of chain and the other is chain that is joined at the top, underneath the wrapping seen here in this photo:

Both of these photos show the same scarf. With this one, I just chained about....I think it was 135 stitches, then joined the ends and chained another 135 stitches, and joined the end, and did that about five times. I think it was five. Anyway, I then wrapped lots of the excess yarn around the joins, to cover them. In this second photo, I'm wearing the scarf full-length. In the first photo, I have it doubled around my neck. That's how I usually wear it.

I have another color of chain stitch scarf, in this shade:

That's Lion brand Hometown USA chunky yarn, in the Jersey Gardens color. I love those soft shades in it. I haven't taken a picture of the Jersey Gardens scarf yet; I'll get to that later.

Arm-Knit Scarf

Earlier this month I knit, using my forearms, a red and pink scarf:

One thing I do have to say: if you're going to arm knit a scarf, there is one very important step you need to take before getting yarn all over both of your arms. Go to the bathroom!

Once that yarn is completely wrapped around your forearms, you're handcuffed in and there's no getting out of it very easily.

Fortunately, arm-knitting works up very quickly, especially when using double chunky yarn. So this shouldn't take more than half an hour or so.

I do have some marble variegated yarn, blending white and black and grey, and I may have to do another scarf like this with that yarn.

Although I have to admit: while these infinity scarves are cool, I think I prefer regular scarves to wear. I feel like the wearer can do more things with the scarf, wrapping it in different ways; styling with an infinity scarf seems more limited to me. Hmmmm.

Well anyway, there's my first arm-knit infinity scarf!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Chain Stitch Scarf

This is a closeup of the new chain stitch scarf I just made. I unraveled a white & gold ruffle scarf and added that into the mix of yarns, and that just really made the whole thing.

I took a few pictures of different ways to wrap it too...

Since I didn't join the ends, it's not an "infinity scarf" but it can be made into one if one knots the ends together, as seen on my right shoulder in the last picture. 

It's definitely warm, and definitely scratchy! I'm not sure washing it with fabric softener will take care of that either; I think it's the glitter that is making it scratchy. Well, either one lives with it or wears it on the outside of one's other garments and allows as little of it as possible to touch one's skin directly. 

But there ya go. New chain stitch scarf. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pattern Link: Joseph's Coat Scarf

I really like this pattern: Joseph's Coat Scarf

So easy, and such a great stash-buster project, far better than the fringe scarf I made. LOL! :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pink & Black Scarf

My pink & black scarf:

I've gotten some use out of this in recent days. Mornings & evenings can be a bit chilly!

I'd considered sewing the ends together to make it an infinity scarf, but I think I like it as a regular scarf better.

I should make some pink & black fingerless gloves to match it. :)


Here's the completed scarf on's actually a favorite scarf of mine now.

Fingerless Gloves

Aren't these some bright, cheerful fingerless gloves?? Here's a closeup of the stitch I used - crossed double crochet:

One of the gloves:

It doesn't often get cold enough in Florida to wear gloves, but sometimes in the evenings the temperature will drop to the 40s, and something like this is nice to have for a little extra warmth for the hands.

Finger Knit I-Cord Scarf

This is the white i-cord scarf I knit, using my fingers as a knitting loom.

First, a closeup of the weave itself:

Now a pic of the entire scarf:

I didn't make it too long; I only wanted to do a short and lightweight test run of this weave and see how it turned out. I added the whimsical grey flowers to the end of the scarf later.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

White Blanket

This is a large white blanket I'm working on:

It's heavy and warm too. That's why I don't work on it much. But there we go!