Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Yellow Chain Stitch Scarf

Here's a yellow chain stitch scarf I made some time ago, and never got around to posting the photo:

I've worn this on fairly warm days in Florida, and it's not too bad. It's made with Lion brand chunky yarn. I have two of these; one is just one long length of chain and the other is chain that is joined at the top, underneath the wrapping seen here in this photo:

Both of these photos show the same scarf. With this one, I just chained about....I think it was 135 stitches, then joined the ends and chained another 135 stitches, and joined the end, and did that about five times. I think it was five. Anyway, I then wrapped lots of the excess yarn around the joins, to cover them. In this second photo, I'm wearing the scarf full-length. In the first photo, I have it doubled around my neck. That's how I usually wear it.

I have another color of chain stitch scarf, in this shade:

That's Lion brand Hometown USA chunky yarn, in the Jersey Gardens color. I love those soft shades in it. I haven't taken a picture of the Jersey Gardens scarf yet; I'll get to that later.

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