Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Paper Beads!

Yay, I've made paper beads! This was quite fun. I like making beads and doing jewelry (although I haven't been doing as much of it lately) because this is something that can be worn in hot weather such as we have a lot of in Florida. Crochet is very fun, but here in the sunny South it's often too hot to wear crocheted items.

So here are the beads I made this past weekend:

And here's the technique I used to make the beads...

It's actually very easy. Admittedly mine are not as perfect as Lindsey's but they'll get better as I make more. I am running low on bead ends, but I don't necessarily have to use bead ends every time I make these.

I have tried making other beads with different paper, and glazing them with clear nail polish. They are drying at home, and I haven't had a chance to get a photo of them yet. I must admit - I like the ones shown above better. I like the quality of the paper, I like the embossed finish better than the clear nail polish, and I like the silver bead ends I used.

I decided to use two of the smaller red ones as accent beads on a fat necklace I have...

Kinda cute. Gives a slightly feminine touch to the fat Thor's hammer! LOL!

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