Monday, July 11, 2016


Well, I thought I'd try my hand at an entrelac blanket. I originally was going to do this as a scrapghan with all kinds of mixed colors, but I'm really happy with the royal blue and white so I suppose I'll keep going in those colors for the rest of the blanket. I have plenty of white yarn but I'll have to buy more royal blue yarn.

I'm using a 6.5mm hook for this project, and I find that's helping with my tension. Yes tunisian crochet curls, so I'll have to block this when it's done (hopefully I can find a spot to do it). But I'm really surprised at how well this is going.

I may yet do this in a scrapghan with all kinds of crazy mixed colors. I have to burn up a lot of scrap yarn I have, and I've already done a corner-to-corner scrapghan, as well as a scrappy steps afghan. I'm also working on a single crochet scrapghan in soft, pastel-ish colors. That is going to take FOREVER to get done....

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