Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Milk Fiber Yarn?

Took myself up to St. Richard's Episcopal for Holy Eucharist on Sunday. Got to conversing with one woman about prayer shawls. She has lent me a book about prayer shawls, and in this book I noticed a reference to milk fiber yarn. I got curious about this so decided to look it up.

Milk Yarn? How Does That Work part 1

Milk Yarn part 2

Well well well. Learn something new every day. Who'd have thought of spinning thread and making yarn from milk proteins? Well, if someone can spin yarn from cat hair I suppose milk yarn isn't that odd.

We'll see how things go with the prayer shawl thing. I was told there's no wrong way to do it, yet at the same time the shawls have to be up to certain standards (of softness and sturdiness). Red Heart Super Saver yarn just isn't soft enough to use for these prayer shawls; Lion Brand Homespun or Caron Simply Soft or Red Heart Soft are better yarns to use. Hmmm.

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