Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fun With Jewelry!

OK check these out.

First, a pair of paper bead earrings painted with blue nail polish, and wrapped with silver wire.

I'm wearing them today; they match the blue shirt I have on. They are so nice and lightweight. I think I can do better with the color on these - first of all, I didn't let them dry 100% before wrapping the wire, and that caused the somewhat gooey nail polish I used on them to get blemished. So, next time, wait until they are TOTALLY DRY. Second, they should be embossed with clear ink and powder. That will give them a properly glass-like look. I did two purple ones today, but the second purple one didn't come out quite right. Still, the first one looks exactly like a glass bead. Will get some pictures of the purple later. 

Now then...a pair of faux pewter earrings wrapped in silver wire. 

These earrings were, believe it or not - a WalMart bag! I wrapped a couple of strips of bag around wire, held it over a candle flame for a few seconds to let the plastic melt, then I dipped it into cold water and shaped the earrings with my fingers. Melting the fibers in the plastic and then cooling it in water made it rock-hard. I then painted them black, dry-brushed grey paint over that, and then added silver glitter nail polish and wrapped silver wire around them.

Then I have this...curly faux pewter earrings.

These were cardboard tubes cut down  to size, then I drizzled hot glue on one side and let it dry. I then painted the whole thing black, then grey, then silver nail polish. I left one side black, so the black would show through the lighter silver and grey in the front.

I also made these.

This is fabric glued to the back of clear plastic circles cut from a 2 liter Coke bottle. I added the black and clear beads and ear wires. I also sealed the back of the fabric with clear nail polish, in the hopes that this would stop any fabric coming unraveled. I think I'm most pleased with these, and I have lots of scrap fabric to make more.

I put this together today also.

Fun with paper beads again! These were made with scrapbook paper, so I didn't have to paint them. I simply embossed them. 

Here's another paper bead bracelet I made. 

With these, I simply took red craft paper and added black highlights randomly (sort of) and then wrapped the bead - and this is what I got.

I also had some fun with a pretty soda can!

I was able to get two pairs of earrings from one soda can (that would be the pink & blue disk at the bottom of the earrings). On the ones seen on the left, I added random dashes of silver glitter nail polish. 

Then there's this.

I swear I didn't dig it out of the cat box, paint it and wrap it in wire! It's a plastic bag made into a pendant, similar to the earrings above. A friend of mine said it looked like a cocoon, so I'll go with that. This one somehow didn't get as rock hard as the earrings did, but it'll do. I'll keep trying with this, as plastic bags are very easy to come by.

And there we have it. FUN with jewelry!

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